Indeed, Droid Does Apps

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Here is a list of apps that you MUST HAVE if you carry a Droid.  There are plenty more where this came from.  Just click on the picture to find our what they are!

Shazzam – Get the name of that song you’ve been head banging to all week.

Amazon – Shop like crazy but don’t forget your credit card does have a limit.

Backgrounds – Find the best backgrounds with this app!

Google Sky Map – Never lose your way.

Google Voice – Say it, find it, do it!

TED – Technology, Entertainment, and Design which is great and you will fall in love with it if that’s somethign you work with a lot

Twidroid – Excellent Twitter application that will have your fingers falling off from so many updates.

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  1. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing much more.

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