Hoverboard Bursts Into Flames With Rider Still On It

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hoverboard on fire

Early this year, a Melbourne family lost their home to a massive fire after a hoverboard’s battery combusted while it was charging. Now, it looks like there will soon be a nationwide hoverboard ban in Australia.

As the con list for this ‘toy’ goes on, we have never seen it in act up while the owner is still on it—until now. Owner Kevin MacLeod said that he charged his brand-new hoverboard overnight and the next day, he took it outside for a test ride until it burst into flames.

“No wonder you’re not allowed to bring them on [airplane] flights,” says MacLeod as he watched the hoverboard burn.

According to MacLeod, the incident happened dangerously fast that he barely had time to escape the hoverboard. After he got out, he immediately poured water on the hoverboard to try to eliminate the fire.

Though he did not mention the brand of the hoverboard, in the video of the incident, it was shown that the board was being removed from a box with the Smart Balance Wheel name.

Watch the video of it on fire below:

Photo via Video SCreen grab

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