Google Paid Apple $1 Billion To Be iPhone’s Default Search Engine

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You probably didn’t mind when you saw that Google search was on your iPhone. Little did we know that the site actually paid a hefty amount of money—$1 billion, actually—just to be your default search engine.

It’s a pretty surprising revelation, but it was actually revealed in a court hearing held two weeks ago in January 14. Interestingly enough, the hearing was about something completely unrelated–Oracle’s lawsuit against Google for allegedly borrowing the former’s Java technology to build Android phones.



According to documents that were unearthed during the hearing (as reported by Bloomberg News), Google paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 and the two companies agreed to somehow share the revenue (earnings mostly from search ads).

It was also hinted that Google had made other deals to become the default search engine on other platforms after noting in court that details of the search deal with Apple was “highly sensitive” and revealing them could hinder similar deals with other companies.

Furthermore, this deal just shows that Google can keep buying their way to search supremacy and beating out rivals like Yahoo, who, by the way, obviously did not succeed in their similar efforts to become the default search engine on iPhone.



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