LG Develops New Buttonless Fingerprint Sensor

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LG's new fingerprint sensor

LG’s electronics parts manufacturer, LG Innotek, has developed a fingerprint sensor that no longer requires a button, because it will be placed underneath the glass surface of the smartphone.

The announcement was made by the company on Sunday, and it could welcome us into the future of new smartphones that can be unlocked by placing our finger on the phone screen itself.

Technically-speaking, this innovation was achieved by cutting out a 0.01-inch thick slot in the lower part of the smartphone (or anywhere under the phone glass surface) so a very thin fingerprint sensor can be inserted. Despite being under the cover glass where it can be protected from water and scratches, it can still read fingerprints on the surface of the phone.

LG says the recognition accuracy is pretty much the same as that of a physical button-based fingerprint scanner, with only a 0.002% chance of accepting the wrong fingerprint.

No word yet on when we’ll be able to see this new feature in upcoming smartphones, but definitely in the near future.

Photo via LG

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