Foursquare Launches New Bot That Feeds You Restaurant Recommendations

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Foursquare now extends its effort in promoting restaurants near you.

You may have already noticed that you get notices about promotions and such when you check into a restaurant. On Tuesday, the company has launched a new app called “Marsbot” that uses a chatbot to feeds you restaurant recommendations.

It’s currently being tested with iPhone users in San Francisco and New York City. And unlike AIs like Sir, the app aims to be more personalized and active, hence its messages suggesting places near locations you may like.

“Our goal with Marsbot is to give you the answers before you even ask—just based on where you are and where you usually go,” Foursquare Product Manager Marissa Chacko wrote on the Foursquare blog.

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Surprisingly, the app bases its suggestions on your habits and their data, perhaps on location history as it requires you to turn on your location services to be enabled. It “pays attention to your habits and learns about the places you go,” according to the App Store description.

While the app is still currently being tested in SanFo and NY, Foursquare says it will open the app to waitlisted users “slowly.”

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