“Pong” Comes To Life As Giant Tabletop Game (Video)

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Holler, ’80s and ’90s kids!

A physical, giant, tabletop version of the classic video game “Pong” has now come to life, and you’re going to want to wish that it will be made commercially… and that you had the money to spend for it.

It looks like air hockey, but the paddles and the ball are connected to mechanical arms, which are connected to a computer. To play, you rotate the wheel on your end clockwise and counter-clockwise to make the paddles move left and right to hit the ball and make it travel back to the opposing side.

You can also play “Pong” against a computer AI opponent or against a friend at the opposite side of the table.

But the best part? It glows in the dark.

Watch how it was made to become the amazing innovation that it is now:

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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