Finally Identify And Capture Printed Fonts And Real-Life Colors With The “Spector”

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To all designers’ delight, someone finally invented a tool that’s basically like the “Shazam” for typefaces, font size and even colors. Believe it!

Introducing The Spector, a “physical eyedropper” invented by designer Fiana O’Leary for her graduation project. It works by taking a photo of the font or real-life color (with the camera inside) by pressing the capture button. By doing so, the gadget is able to wirelessly match fonts against a font and color database, as well as determine their CMYK or RGB values and font size.

On top of all that, users have options to store fonts and colors on the Spector itself and/or import them through a custom plugin for use in Adobe InDesign.

“When you design for print on screen, it never looks like how it’s going to print,” O’Leary says. “If you’re going to design for print on screen you should start with print.”

The Spector is currently limited to identifying only seven fonts, but O’Leary is already working on expanding the database. However, she reportedly has no plans of commercializing… yet.

We sure hope she realizes how she can change her life and the world if she finally decides to make it happen!

Photo via Video Screen Grab

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