“Pokémon Go” Finally Released In Australia And New Zealand

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pokemon go

“Pokémon Go” has finally been released, but only for Australians and New Zealanders… for now.

Developed by Niantic Labs in partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, the much-anticipated reality mobile game is now available for the selected market on Apple’s App Store or on Google Play. Sadly, eager U.S. and Japanese customers are told by Nintendo to “please wait for a while.”

Fortunately, there have been tons of walkthroughs and reviews on the Internet revealing just how this new game works.

pokemon go

You start off by signing in with your Google account and will then be instructed by Professor Willow to set up your character. It will then soon allow you to explore the real world–your own home, the mall, your office, and everywhere else–in order to find Pokémon and accessories, using your phone’s GPS system to keep track and show you nearby items and Pokémons. At the same time, you can tap on the wild Pokémons you encounter via your screen (just make sure to get close enough) to capture it or hit it with your Pokéball. Or, you can just walk away from it if you’re not interested in collecting them. That’s basically the gist, but there are several other activities (like upgrade opportunities and in-app purchases) that help make the game more challenging and addicting.

It’s also a free app, so we can definitely imagine people around the world going mad (and walking outside with their phones in front of their faces) because of it. In fact, the app’s servers suffered a minor outage just hours after its release–and that’s just Down Under and in NZ.

There seems to be no downsides to this game aside from addiction, heavy power consumption due to GPS and camera phone use, and potential for accidents while walking along roads.

Will you be trying out Pokémon Go?

Photos via Mashable Australia/Nintendo

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