Facebook Messenger Celebrates 1 Billion Users With Balloon Animation

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facebook messenger billion users

Facebook has reached yet another remarkable milestone.

You may have heard from recent reports that Facebook is continuing their efforts to make users download the Messenger app, both by disabling messaging on the mobile web app and including text messaging within the app. Looks like it worked.

On Wednesday, the company announced that its messaging app now has more than a billion monthly active users–a huge jump from the 900 million that they claimed they had in April and the 200 million they had when they first started forcing people to use it back in 2014.

If you try using the balloon emoji today, you’ll see that Facebook Messenger has created an animation where several balloons rise from the bottom of the chat box to celebrate the milestone, similar to the temporary animation that they did for Mother’s Day.

Facebook also revealed a few interesting new stats about how people are using the app. Apparently, more than 17 billion photos are being shared through the app every month and 22 million animated GIFs are being sent every day. There are also more than a billion messages between users and companies every month, making the app a useful medium for both social and business communication.


Photo via Facebook


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