No “Pokémon Go” At Rio Olympics

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rio olympics 2016
Olympic athletes and attendees are upset that there won’t be any wild pokémons in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics.

Pokémon Go quickly trended and rose to the top of the app charts in both iOs and Android since the augmented reality gaming app launched last month in Australia and then expanded into Asia and Europe.

Naturally, players are psyched to navigate a new place and be able to fling Poké Balls in the city. However, disappointment loomed in on some users when they tried launching the app early on and found no sign of any wild new pokémons anywhere in the Brazilian Olympic village.

pokemon go screenshot in rio by joe clarkePhoto via Joe Clarke on Twitter
No word from Niantic Labs about whether or not they will be bringing Pokémon Go to Brazil at the last minute. Perhaps they did it to keep everyone from scattering themselves in the area?

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