Smart Pillow Streams Music Without Waking Your Bedmate

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zeeq smart pillow

Ever wanted to play yourself some tunes to help put you to sleep but never got to because it’s uncomfortable to sleep on earphones or the sound would disturb your sleeping partner?

Well, there’s finally a solution for that.

Introducing ZEEQ, the smart pillow that streams music from inside it with eight wireless speakers to play music from your iTunes, Spotify or its included “sleep tracks.” With it, you can even track and optimize your sleep patterns.

But perhaps one of the best features of this innovation is that the sound comes from the lower part of the pillow, which helps keep the noise from reaching your partner. It also subtly vibrates when you snore, so you’ll wake up and change positions. Definitely a passive partner pleaser!

The creator explained that the idea for Zeeq was actually a solution for his own sleep troubles. He tried inserting a pair of wireless headphones into a pillow so he could listen to music, and the rest was history.

“To my surprise, I was able to hear the music, but my wife wasn’t,” Co-founder Warrick Bell said. “I knew I was onto something.”

Zeeq has raised more than $220,000 and will be made available net year for as low as $149 (possibly on Amazon Launchpad’s new Kickstarter section).

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