Uber Finds Competition In Lyft With Multiple Stops Option

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Take that, Uber.

In an announcement on Monday, Lyft will finally be implementing their new feature for carpoolers–ability to make multiple stops at the start or in the middle of your trip.

There have obviously been times in the past when we wish we could make multiple stops, instead of rebooking for every trip or convincing the driver to stop at more destinations. Not only does it waste precious time, especially when attempting to run errands, but it also costs a lot more money.

It’s pretty easy to do. Simply book your trip like usual, and then click “Add destination” (see photo below). Adding more stops won’t cost you anything, but the cost does get higher the longer your entire trip is.


While Uber, Lyft’s main competitor, has the option to split fares with random carpoolers, it’s doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get people you know in the same car even if you use different phones to book carpool trips.

We hope to hear when they’ll be adding the feature soon!

Photos via Lyft/Video Screen Grab

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