Facebook Bot Allows You To Send A Letter To President Obama

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Sending mail to President Obama can now be as easy as typing a Facebook chat message.

The White House recently just created an official Facebook account (with the “verified” blue check mark) with a new Messenger bot that allows practically any user to hit them up, as an alternative to sending them emails and snail mails.

Once you try sending them a message, the Facebook bot guides you through the process and later asks you for your contact information, in case your message gets granted a followup.

facebook bot screenshot

Of course, as with sending them mail via their physical address, sending them a Facebook message doesn’t guarantee that they will actually end up being read by Obama himself. However, there’s still that slight chance that it will, after the Office of Presidential Correspondence (or other similar offices) tags it as one of the 10 letters and emails Obama reads each day.

In a new post on the White House’s blog, White House Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman says the Facebook bot represents “a first of its kind for any government the world over.”

“Our goal is to meet people where they are. It’s why the President launched his own Twitter account and the First Lady is on Snapchat. It’s about creating opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways, using the same technologies we already rely on in our daily lives.”

What do you think of the White House’s latest effort to become more in touch with people?

Photos via Video Screen Grab/Facebook

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