Philips’ New Motion Sensor Turns On Your Lights When You Walk Into A Room

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philips motion sensor

Philips aims to brings us closer to our dream of living in a fully-automatic home.

Just when we’ve gotten used to controlling and dimming your smart lights using Siri, Philips now enables us to simply walk into a room to turn on our lights with their new motion sensor.

The unassuming gadget, which measures roughly 2 by 2 inches wireless sensor, works by shooting out an invisible light field spanning 100 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Once it detects motion within the field of view, it shall trigger the connected Philips Hue smart lights to turn on.

With no lag (as with lights connected through IFTTT), the trigger is seemingly as fast as the speed of light, so to speak. The blind spot is said to be 180 degrees to the sides of the sensor.

It is also built to be able to measure ambient light, in order for the smart lights to supply just the right amount of light. You only have to adjust your lights to different preset scenes, especially so it doesn’t blind you with full brightness when you wake up in the middle of the night.

The best part? It doesn’t require any installation. It can be placed anywhere and in any position in your home–whether it be on a cabinet, bookshelf, mounted to the wall or ceiling–and can be configured via the Philips Hue app on both iOs and Android.

The sensor will be out in October and will be sold for $39.96.

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