Apple’s New Twitter Account Leaks, Deletes iPhone 7 Details

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Just seconds before Apple’s much-awaited launch event kicked off in San Francisco to announce the release of the coveted iPhone 7 and other updated Apple products, their recently verified Twitter account started tweeting live updates, which included “secret” details about the new phone.

And then they deleted them.

In the short-lived tweets, Apple confirmed that the iPhone 7 will be water-resistant, will have new cameras, stereo speakers and longer battery life, while also sharing the pre-order link.

Of course, the world later confirmed that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are in fact water-resistant, has two cameras (wide angle and telephoto), has longer battery life than any of the previous iPhones, has a screen that’s 25% brighter, has ditched the earphone jack for wireless Air Pods, and comes in two kick ass colors–jet black and matte black.

After the live tweets were deleted, an Apple developer tweeted, “THIS IS WHY WE DIDN’T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT”

Later that day, Apple reposted one of their previously deleted tweets in the form of a Promoted tweet for those who “missed our big launch news.”

Photos via Twitter/Apple

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